Roof Repairs That Are Covered By Insurance

DJK Roofing have been providing services to the insurance industry for 30 years.  Our services include everything from emergency damaged roof calls out, carrying out onsite make-safes, independant roof inspections, roof reports and cover all areas of tile roofing.

When it comes to Adelaide roofs and gutters, it is best to review your home insurance policy. We are aware that there are many differences across providers and policies, however, we have found that there are common trends in the outcomes of claims when it comes to your roof and gutters (and any damages that may have subsequently resulted).

You should always refer to your product disclosure statement or insurance provider directly to discuss your specific circumstances and what your policy covers.

Storm / Fire / Burglary / Vandalism / Damage to Roof

Typically, most insurance providers WILL provide coverage if damage has been caused to your roof or gutters due to storm, fire, burglary or vandalism or some sort of accident like a truck reversing into your roof and/or gutters. It is common practice however, to only repair the “affected area.” If the wind blows your ridge capping or roof tiles off, your insurance provider will most likely only cover those that were actually damaged.

Insurance assessors will come and assess the internal damagae and also do a roof inspection to see what caused the leak.  " Unfortunately the roof repairs are not storm related and are a maintenance issue". Just because your roof or gutters leak during a storm does not necessarily mean that you will be covered. The question at hand is: did the storm actually create the roof and/or gutter issue? OR was the issue already there and you only noticed the problem when the storm hit?

Deterioration of Time / Maintenance of the Roof

Overtime your roof will begin to deteriorate. Generally, speaking roofs will require maintenance after 15-20 years. We are also unfortunately, finding newer homes that are less than 10 years old that require roof maintenance. This is common for homes that have originally been completed in a hurry by underpaid contract roofers.

If your roof or gutters have deteriorated and then subsequently leak during a storm, you probably WILL NOT be covered for the roof or gutter repairs. The reason this is not covered is because the storm itself did not create the issue and instead it has been caused gradually overtime. Insurance providers place the responsibility of home maintenance with the owner. This includes your roof and gutters.

Deterioration includes:

  • rusted valleys or roof sheets
  • broken seals on roof penetrations
  • cracking of mortar along ridge capping tiles
  • tiles becoming porous
  • leaves and debris blocking water flow or cracked/sagging flashings.

Some examples of roof maintenance issues are:

  • blocked gutters
  • rusty roof or rusty gutters
  • blocked flashings
  • leaves and debris on roofs

Most insurance providers will however give you the benefit of the doubt, so to speak, when it comes to covering the internal “resultant” damages. Many claim outcomes will require you to first fix the roof at your cost, then pay the policy excess, and once this has been completed the resultant damage may be covered i.e. the painting and plastering of the “affected” ceiling.